Bicycle Thursday

July 7th, 2011

When I opened my San Francisco Chronicle, I knew immediately I needed to contact photographer Thor Swift for more pictures from the wedding of Alex Zapharis and Gary Fisher, the “godfather of mountain bikes.” Instead of one picture I thought I’d share two. I love the bike procession and pedicab, too. What I love most about bicycling is how slowly you can drink everything in. The trees. The sound of breathing. The kiddie lemonade stand. Combine bicycling and a wedding–prime time for when all you want to do is drink everything in before it dissolves into the evening–and you’ve got one pretty memorable affair. See a video too.

{Photo by Thor Swift, Thor Swift Photography}

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pedicab_Thor Swift

Gary Fisher (below)

Gary Fisher on Bike_Thor Swift

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    The coolest groom EVER